Villa Bougainvillea A vacation house for rent in Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Getting to Vieques, Puerto Rico

Map of Puerto Rico and ViequesVieques lies a few miles to the south and east of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Most major airlines fly to San Juan, from which one can either take a local airline to Vieques (~$100/pp), or travel by publico (local taxi, ~$100/van) to the ferry dock in Fajardo, about 1 ¼ hour’s drive to the east coast of Puerto Rico. The public ferry to Vieques runs three to four trips per day ($2/adult, $1/child).

Consult Viequestimes (a bi-lingual Vieques Newspaper) for airline & ferry schedules. Please note that the ferry is a passenger ferry only; cars require advance reservation for limited space on the cargo ferry. It is not advisable to plan on renting a car on the main island to take to Vieques.

Getting to Villa Bougainvillea - A rental property on Vieques

Map of Vieques, Puerto Rico Land UseOnce on the island our property caretakers will meet you at your port of entry and guide you to your vacation villa. There are no posted house numbers on Vieques and no road signs so your first trip to the Villa is easiest with guides. We will provide instructions for contacting our caretakers prior to your arrival.

Getting around on Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques is approximately 5 miles wide and 26 miles long, with hills generally less than 400 feet high. Bicycle rental, as well as car and motor bike, are available. Car rental should be arranged well in advance (several months) as availability rapidly dries up in peak vacation periods. Numerous publicos (taxis) are available and are an inexpensive way to travel with a little planning. Consult Viequestimes for rentals and publicos.

Sights not to miss on Vieques

A must-see experience is the Bio-Bay tour to the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay just east of the Sun Bay, the best example of bio-luminescence in the world. You will never forget swimming off the electrically driven pontoon tour boat, with your body lighting up in millions of little diamond-like sparkles as you move through the water.

Another fun activity for the adventurous is horse-back riding. Contact Penny Miller at (787) 741-4661.

The two major population centers, Isabel Segunda and Esperanza, provide restaurants and some island-style (laid-back) nightlife, as well as some gift shopping opportunities.

There are two grocery stores and an open-air green-grocer on the north side in and near Isabel Segunda, as well as numerous colmados (convenience stores) distributed throughout the island from which essentials can be purchased.

Beaches, beaches, beaches, and hiking

All of the beaches in Vieques are wonderful. Some are classic powdery white sand, like Sun Bay, Media Luna, and Navio beach a mile or so east of Esperanza on the Caribbean (south) shore, all administered by the PR DNR (Department of Natural Resources).

Other, more secluded, Caribbean-side beaches are accessible through the Federally administered Fish and Wildlife lands to the east that had once been called Camp Garcia. These are white sand and secluded, with more opening for use as time goes on. Another beautiful, and seldom used, beach spans the western end and wraps around northward to the old Navy pier where manatee, manta rays and other magnificent aquatic life can be observed.

Along the northern shore toward the western end there are several beaches and coves just off the main road that provide good snorkeling and bathing, often with long rollers coming in from the northeast.

Hiking in the former military lands (where not restricted, as well marked) affords many interesting sights and nature experiences. The highest peak is approximately 3,000 feet, located west of the abandoned (and empty) munitions bunkers that dot the fields on the western end of the old military lands.

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